How an Aussie millennial saves $35 plus for fuel

Due to COVID-19 economy, we have to go with an extreme budget when it comes to daily expenditure and spending. 
This is how we manage to save a total of $35.56 for our fuel this week. Hence, we only paid $22 for a full tank of fuel (approximately 40L). 
1. Get your fuel on Cheap Fuel Tuesday 
Fuel price is the lowest on every Tuesday. If you have missed out on getting your fuel on a Tuesday, United petrol stations do have cheaper fuel on other days in comparison to other servos. 
2. Compare fuel prices using mobile apps 
You can compare fuel prices from different petrol stations via the following website or mobile apps: 
3. Use your Fuel Vouchers from your grocery shopping at Woolworths, Coles and IGA
You can save 4 cents per litre of fuel by using a fuel voucher from your supermarket purchase at selected participating service stations. 
How to get a fuel voucher: You’ll automatically get a fuel voucher when you spend $30 and above on a single transaction in Woolworths, Coles or IGA. 
4. Save 3% on your fuel via Woolworths Wish gift card 
– Purchase a Woolworths Wish gift card at 3% discount via ShopBack. Available for a limited time only. 

How we save 
Highest fuel price: $143.90 x 40L = $57.56 Lowest fuel price: $99.50 x 40L = $39.60 
Lowest fuel price with fuel voucher (4 cents off) $95.5 x 40L = $38.2
Maximum fuel savings: $19.36

Cost of $40 Woolworths Wish gift card: $38.80 
Savings from gift card: $1.20 

Join ShopBack to get a $15 cash back. You’ll need someone to send you a referral to be eligible for the $15 cash back and spend a minimum of $20 after joining.
Click here to join

Savings via ShopBack’s cash back: $15 (Joined as a new member from a friend’s referral)
Total savings: $19.36 + $1.20 + 15 = $35.56

Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio

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