How to track and manage your online shopping deliveries efficiently

For those who have been online shopping, you’d probably find out the hard way that your parcel delivery had been delayed, not only for a day or two, but even up to weeks. Cue the disappointment! 
As we all started shopping online more (absolutely guilty of that), it becomes challenging to keep track of all your online orders status, from order confirmation, dispatched to delivery status. 
So, we have come up with a few simple and FREE life hacks and tips to help you to stay on top of your online orders. 

1. Use the AusPost app 
– Most local e-commerce deliveries are done via AusPost.
– The AusPost app is a great app to help you to keep track of your delivery status. You can always use it without creating an account, however, it’s most convenient when you create an account.
– You even get an in-app notification once your parcel has been delivered to your door. 

2. Use Trello to manage and monitor the status of your order
– Apart from delivery delays, there is also significant delays in dispatch from retailers due to tighten social distancing guidelines, more safety measures and decrease in workforce. While most retailers are pretty quick in dispatching the goods, some retailers take a longer time to pack and dispatch. Trello gives you a bird’s eye view of your online shopping status.
Trello is a free project management software that you could use on your browser or app (both mobile and desktop).
– Here’s our format to help us to keep track of our online purchases. 

Add your purchase date at the front of your online shopping items. 

3.Organize your email folder 
– It’s always a good habit to keep your email folder organise, even when it comes to online shopping. You’d want to search for your order confirmation, receipts, tax invoices and warranty quickly from you email. 
– Here’s our email folder and label format that helps us to keep track of our online purchase status effectively: 
Online Shopping > Retailer Name > Month 
Online Shopping > Kmart > April 

Find out more about COVID-19 updates from AusPost here.

Happy shopping & saving!

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