We might have found Chobani yogurt ‘repackaged’ under cheaper ALDI brand

For most budget savvy grocery shoppers, one can save heaps of money by substituting pricier supermarket name brands items with home brand equivalent goods. 
However, it is not common knowledge that many supermarket giants source their home brand products from similar suppliers and manufacturers as established brand names. They just simply tweak the recipe a little, repackage them and sell them to consumers at a fraction of the retail price. 
ALDI is known to have knock-offs and ripoffs that are somehow even better than the original brands, but also significantly cheaper. 
A couple of weeks ago, I first spotted Chobani yogurt on the shelf in Aldi, with a slightly lower retail price in comparison to Coles and Woolies. However, there was only one flavour available – blueberry. And right next to the blueberry Chobani yogurts were a few stacks of Yoguri yogurts with similar packaging design as the original Chobani yogurts, with strawberry, mango and passionfruit flavours, which are also available from Chobani brand. There was no blueberry Yoguri yogurts in sight in a few different Aldi stores that I visited for the past few weeks too. 
Retail pricing 
Chobani yogurt (170g) at Woolworths – $2.00 RRP, lowest price on discount $1.20 
Chobani yogurt at Aldi (170g) – Around $1.20 if were not mistaken
Yoguri yogurt at Aldi (170g) – $0.99

So, I need to Sherlock this. I bought all different flavours of the yogurts and do some comparisons and testing. 

Yoguri’s packaging design is almost identical to the original Chobani Yogurt.

The Ingredients
Their ingredients are almost 99% identical. Both products boast Low Fat Yogurt (82%), Strawberry Blend (18%).

Nutrition Information
Their nutrition information is almost 99% identical too. 

The Taste Test 
The content inside the tub is exactly the same as Chobani and Yoguri yogurt tastes exactly the same as Chobani yogurt. We wouldn’t know the difference if we were given a blind test.

The Allergy Test 
Personally, Chobani yogurt is the only non-dairy free yogurt that I can consume due to my lactose intolerance. I was absolutely fine after chowing down a small tub of Yoguri yogurt. 

The Verdict
We suspect that Yoguri is indeed Chobani yogurt repackaged in Aldi’s brand with a very, very minor tweak.

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